Cleanser Cream 1.7 oz

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Formulated for sensitive skin, this Cleanser Cream gently removes impurities leaving the skin clean and refreshed. The combination of Aloe Vera and other botanical extracts provide a feeling of comfort to irritated skin. This gentle face cleanser is designed for all skin types.

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Benefits of Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Barbadensis is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and humectants, and possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. These characteristics make Aloe Vera a naturally healing plant and has been used for hundreds of years to treat the skin of sunburn and as a moisturizer.
  • Glycerin: Derived from vegetable oil, glycerin is a natural humectant that attracts moisture to the skin, promoting a healthy hydration and elasticity.
  • Safflower Seed Oil: Helps to repair and maintain skin cell integrity. High in linolenic acid.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Used to balance, nourish, and lubricate to maintain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness
  • Ivy Extract: Has a decongesting, as well as toning effect as it helps to draw out toxins and reduce water retention giving skin a firmer, smoother appearance.
  • Slippery Elm Bark Extract: Soothes and helps minimize skin irritations.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: improves dryness and skin texture, adding a nice, smooth glow.