Zinc Glycinate

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Zinc Glycinate (Proprietary Zinc Formula):

• Supports Enzymatic Reactions and Protein Metabolism*
• Promotes Immune and Reproductive Health*
• Supports Antioxidant Activity*
• Plays a Role in Sensory Perception*

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Zinc is an essential trace mineral and has an important role in the human body. More than 300 enzymes depend on zinc for their normal activities in cellular metabolism. For example—as an essential mineral—zinc serves catalytic, structural, and regulatory functions in the body. Zinc ultimately supports immune and neurological function, growth, taste acuity, nutrient metabolism, and reproductive health.*

Maintaining proper zinc levels are imperative to overall health. The body has no specialized system for storing zinc, so daily intake and proper absorption is essential. Phytates—elements found in plant based, high-fiber foods—can bind minerals (including zinc) and inhibit their absorption. Therefore, the bioavailability of dietary zinc may be compromised. Other minerals, including iron, calcium, and copper, can interfere with zinc absorption, further affecting zinc nutriture. Gastrointestinal and urinary zinc losses should be considered as well. Assessment of overall zinc status must take into account not only intake but also absorption and retention. Zinc Glycinate—an Albion® TRAACS amino acid chelate—is a high-potency source of zinc formulated for enhanced absorption. In this form, zinc is coupled with two glycine molecules to facilitate its absorption across the intestinal wall and reduce interference from phytates and competing minerals.*